Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun Mobile UploadsGrandma and Bryten at the farm

Hey ride to see the cow's

Feeding the Horses

She loved this rooster
Papa and Bryten time


Hanging out on the boat

Daddy and Bryten at Lake Poweel

Rocking out

Cooking with Daddy

Hanging out in the rain

Our Fort

Playing the piano

My amazing sister in laws all done up for prom

Long Boarding with Daddy

Yard work with daddy


Kristin said...

Those are some CUTE pictures!

emily said...

She is SO adorable. It makes me want a little girl SO BAD!

Cami, Chris and Bretton said...

k, first of all... I am LOVING those pig-tails on her!! They make her look so grown up! Second... what store were you at that had that cart? That's awesome... the boys would love it!!

Brooke and Brett Martin said...

I just got caught up on your blog...I've been away and not really blogging lately. I am so sorry about your miscarriage. I know it has been a few weeks now, but I can't tell you the heart ache I went through for the first few months after mine. I am so sorry and I hope you have found peace through this difficult time. I just had so many past emotions arise just reading your post about it. Those little spirits truly are so real and Heavenly Father wants us to go through them for a reason. I hope you are doing well Brooke.